Ciriello Marketing + Public Relations offers social media services that allow clients to focus on their business, doing what they are good at, while we handle all of their social media needs. Our service goes beyond simply creating a social media strategy. We completely handle all of your social media needs, with your oversight during regular meetings, of course.

Ciriello Marketing + Public Relations does all the work to make your social media programs a success, and for anyone who has tried doing this themselves, they know this can be time consuming. We provide all the necessary writing for status updates, blogs, postings, etc. We create the content necessary to maintain a consistent and fresh presence in the digital world. Best of all, this service can be tailored to the individual needs of each client.


Our social media service assures that you maximize your social media opportunities.
- Expand your firm’s marketing efforts
- Manage profiles
- Build connections and networks

- Join the online conversation
- Participate often
- Subject matter expert

- Increase awareness and results
- Improve search results
- Maximize social media interest